Wheels for a Cause | Just AutomotiveWheels for a Just Cause; July 4, 2021


The Sunday, July 4th we gifted a vehicle to a deserving someone in the community! Our Wheels for a Just Cause received 40+ nominations. A panel selected the recipient & we had a party! Our owner, Justin spoke and announced the recipient! Brad is an incredible person with a sweet soul and giving spirit. His nomination letters were an absolute honor to read as people spoke of his character, devotion to people, and commitment to work. Prior to receiving this vehicle, Brad could often be seen walking to and from work or running errands around town in all of Iowa's finest weather elements. Brad is a Williamsburg resident. Brad received over a dozen nominations for the Wheels for a Just Cause! Congratulations, Brad! We are thrilled for you! Special thanks to Mandy Hinrichsen, Kristen Lang, at 1684 Creative, and the Williamsburg Chamber of Commerce.

The Williamsburg Firehouse Triad Mural | Just Automotive

The Hometown Current; September 9, 2020; Volume 9 Number 37

Just Automotive pays tribute with the Williamsburg Firehouse Triad Mural Project

By Erika Sauter

The Williamsburg Firehouse Triad Mural, which is seen glowing beneath the shop lights after sunset from Welsh St., can be viewed during Just Automotive’s open house and ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday, Sept. 19 beginning at 10am. ...read more

Owner's Family | Just Automotive

The Hometown Current, June 17, 2020, Volume 9  Number 25

Just Automotive open shops in W’Burg Business District

By Erika Sauter

The Dermody family of Just Automotive recently purchased the old fire station, above, located at 303 Welsh St. on the town square in Williamsburg’s business district for a second location that will offer services geared toward light repair and maintenance; specifically services that can be completed while patrons enjoy the amenities offered on the square. ...read more