From scheduled maintenance and minor automotive repairs to suspension replacements or transmission services, no job is too small or too large for the professionals at Just Automotive. Consistently delivering quality repairs, we are experienced servicing foreign and domestic vehicles regardless of the year, make or model.

Our General Repair Services Include:

Air Conditioning | Just Automotive

Air Conditioning

We will inspect your air conditioning system for leaks, improper operation of controls, and refrigerant malfunctions. With summer weather upon us, schedule an appointment with Just Automotive to make sure your air conditioner is ready for the warmer temperatures.

Air Filters | Just Automotive

Air Filters

If your engine air filtration system is restricted, your engine will not be able to perform at an optimal level and can become damaged over time. Just Automotive will replace your air filter and provide a maintenance check to ensure your filtration system is working properly.

Alignments | Just Automotive


Wheel alignments extend the life of your tires, provide better handling capabilities, improve gas mileage, and reduce the chance of costly future repairs. If your steering wheel pulls in a certain direction or vibrates when you are driving, contact Just Automotive to take care of your wheel alignment.

Battery And Electrical System Maintenance | Just Automotive

Battery And Electrical System Maintenance

From routine battery diagnostics to new battery installations, Just Automotive is equipped to handle it all. We will also inspect your starter, alternator and voltage regulator to pinpoint any factors that may be affecting your battery.

Belt & Hose Replacements | Just Automotive

Belt & Hose Replacements

Your drive belts and hoses experience wear over time. In order to avoid costly engine repairs resulting from a cracked belt or hose, it is important to have these components regularly inspected and replace them as necessary.

Brake Service | Just Automotive

Brake Service

From brake pad replacements to signs of more serious problems with your braking system, it is important to have a professional diagnose potential issues. Warning signs that you may need brake service include: an illuminated brake warning light, a grinding sound when engaging your brakes, low brake fluid, or your vehicle pulling to one side when braking.

Check Engine Light | Just Automotive

Check Engine Light

Your vehicle's check engine light may be illuminated as a result of malfunctions to your ignition system, fuel system, or emission control system. In order to accurately determine why the check engine light was triggered, Just Automotive will use a code reader to perform preliminary diagnostics.

Computerized Diagnostics | Just Automotive

Computerized Diagnostics

Just Automotive's experienced technicians will quickly and accurately repair any of your vehicle's computerized engine problems. We are committed to providing you with reliable diagnostics and quality repair work — regardless of your vehicle's make or model.

Cooling System Maintenance | Just Automotive

Cooling System Maintenance

If your engine is overheating or freezing, you may need to check your antifreeze/coolant mixture. The belts and hoses may also be affecting this system, so they should be checked regularly.

CV Joint And Drive Axles | Just Automotive

CV Joint And Drive Axles

Your CV joint and drive axles keep your transmission and wheels working properly in tandem. If you are in need of an inspection or a repair to your axles or CV joint, contact Just Automotive today.

Diesel Engine Service | Just Automotive

Diesel Engine Service

Diesel engines run at high compression, straining the cooling system more so than gasoline engines. It is important with diesel engines to replace the air and oil filter as well as change the oil as prescribed by your manufacturer to ensure that the system runs properly. Have your vehicle maintained by an experienced, quality diesel engine technician at Just Automotive.

Electrical Service | Just Automotive

Electrical Service

Our electrical system experience ranges from repairing short circuits, relays, bulbs, sensors, solenoids, pumps, motors, gauges, and electric mirrors and windows. For all your vehicle's electrical service needs, look no further.

Exhaust Service | Just Automotive

Exhaust Service

Your exhaust system may become damaged over time due to climate and road conditions. We will complete a comprehensive inspection to determine which of your components may need to be replaced.

Fuel System Service | Just Automotive

Fuel System Service

Just Automotive will assess whether your vehicle needs new fuel injectors, carburetor system work (floats and jets), or the fuel pump, fuel lines, catalytic converters, or valve train replaced.

Oil Changes | Just Automotive

Oil Changes

When you bring your vehicle into the shop for an oil change, we will be sure to use the optimal oil and filter for your system. Check your factory manual to determine how often your oil needs to be changed. If you do not keep up with the maintenance, you may be faced with costly engine repairs.

New Radiators | Just Automotive

New Radiators

If your radiator is not working properly, it can lead to cooling system failure. Your engine and transmission can be damaged as well. Our radiator services include core replacements or repairs, radiator fluid changes, hose and clamp replacements, and thermostat repairs as necessary. We will install a completely new radiator depending on the severity of the damage.

Power Steering | Just Automotive

Power Steering

Power steering problems may be affecting your vehicle if it is difficult to effectively maneuver your steering wheel, or your steering wheel makes noise when turning it. Just Automotive will flush your fluid and inspect your pumps, drives, hoses, seals, and boots.

Scheduled Maintenance | Just Automotive

Scheduled Maintenance

Extend your vehicle's life and safety by having scheduled maintenance and recommended servicing as warranted by the factory. You should always take into account the mileage and driving conditions under which your vehicle has operated.

Suspension, Shocks, аnd Struts | Just Automotive

Suspension, Shocks, And Struts

Warning signs that your struts and shocks are not working properly include: broken bushings, worn mounts, uneven tire wear, swaying on turns, excessive bouncing after hitting a bump, and more. These signs can be difficult to detect given that they worsen over time. Have Just Automotive inspect and service your suspension system.

Tire Installation | Just Automotive

Tire Installation

If it's time for new tires, choose Just Automotive to provide you with superior installation service. As one of the most important factors keeping your vehicle safe on the road, your tires need attention as they become worn over time.

Tire Repair/Flat Repair | Just Automotive

Tire Repair/Flat Repair

If you have a flat tire in the Williamsburg area, Just Automotive will pick up your vehicle and take care of the repairs for you. Our trained professionals will determine whether a puncture in your tire can be repaired with a patch, or if it needs to be replaced completely.

Tire Rotation | Just Automotive

Tire Rotation

Is your vehicle getting worse gas mileage than normal? Do the treads on your tires seem to wear quickly? A simple tire rotation will mitigate these issues to result in an overall smoother driving experience.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Service | Just Automotive

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Service

Be sure that your tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is functioning properly with a regular check-up from Just Automotive. We will make sure that your tires are inflated to the recommended PSI and whether your overall system will detect otherwise.

Transmission Service | Just Automotive

Transmission Service

Regardless of your vehicle's make, model, or year, it is crucial for your transmission to operate at an optimal level. Our transmission services are unparalleled in the industry. We will complete a full diagnostic evaluation and help you maintain the life of your vehicle.

Tune-Ups | Just Automotive


Using state-of-the-art equipment and decades of expertise, Just Automotive will assess your vehicle's components and identify whether repairs are needed. If you have noticed recent changes to your automobile's performance, it could be time for a tune-up.

Wheel Balancing | Just Automotive

Wheel Balancing

Protect the investment you have made on your automobile and tires. Wheel balancing safeguards the life of your tires to promote better gas mileage and even wear of your treads.

Windshield Wipers | Just Automotive

Windshield Wipers

With inclement weather comes worn windshield wiper blades. Just Automotive is equipped to replace your wipers and allow for a safer driving experience.