Service and Repair of Jaguar Vehicles

Agile and powerful, Jaguar Automobiles reflect luxury and confidence. With a history extending over 90 years, Jaguar is a top name in sport car luxury. Jaguars, British in origin, are gaining increasing popularity in the United States for their sleek styling and innovative workmanship. The evolution of the Jaguar has resulted in highly stylized, well-crafted models that demand care and maintenance as individualized as the vehicles themselves. Even the snazziest sports car requires maintenance to keep it in top form. When it comes to your Jaguar, refuse to settle for substandard care. We understand the value of your vehicle and commit to providing the top-quality service your Jaguar requires.

From the moment you enter our shop to the moment you leave, our expert technicians strive to provide the highest quality care during your customer service experience. We are happy to answer any of your questions and proud to offer unparalleled service. From routine maintenance to major repairs, we are ready to exceed your expectations and win your loyalty by offering nothing but the best to customers who deserve nothing less.

Whether you drive an XF, XJ, XK, or F-Type model, our team has the knowledge and skills to service your Jaguar and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Put our experience to the test, and keep your Jaguar performing at its best with service from mechanics you trust.

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6 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Jaguar Running Smoothly

6 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Jaguar Running Smoothly | Just Automotive

Owning a Jaguar isn't just about having a car; it's about possessing a piece of automotive artistry, a masterpiece of British engineering and elegance. Your Jaguar isn't merely a mode of transportation; it's a symbol of style, performance, and heritage. To ensure that your iconic ride continues to purr with delight on every journey, you need more than just routine maintenance.

1. Regular Checkups and Servicing

Of course, the first one on our list is routine checkups and servicing. Ensure that you adhere to the manufacturer's recommended service intervals. Jaguar-specialized technicians are trained to understand the intricate details of your vehicle, and they can spot potential issues before they become major problems. Regular servicing includes engine oil changes, filter replacements, and inspections of vital systems such as brakes, suspension, and electronics.

2. Genuine Jaguar Parts

When it comes to replacement parts, never compromise on quality. Genuine Jaguar parts are crafted to meet the same exacting standards as your vehicle. They fit perfectly and ensure that your car operates as intended. Non-genuine parts may not provide the same level of performance or longevity.

3. Fluid Checks and Changes

Proper fluid maintenance is essential for your Jaguar's well-being. Regularly inspect and replace fluids such as engine oil, coolant, and brake fluid according to your vehicle's recommended schedule. Clean and fresh fluids help maintain optimal engine performance and prevent premature wear of components.

4. Tire Care

Your tires are the only point of contact between your Jaguar and the road, so their condition is paramount. Regularly check tire pressure and ensure it matches the manufacturer's recommendations. Properly inflated tires not only improve handling but also contribute to fuel efficiency. Additionally, keep an eye on tire wear and rotate them as recommended to ensure even tread wear and extend their lifespan.

5. Optimal Driving Habits

How you drive your Jaguar plays a significant role in its longevity. Practice smooth acceleration and braking to reduce wear on the drivetrain and brakes. Avoid excessive idling, as this can waste fuel and put unnecessary strain on the engine. In colder climates, allow your car to warm up before pushing it to higher speeds, ensuring that all components are properly lubricated.

6. Storage and Seasonal Care

If you're planning to store your Jaguar for an extended period or facing harsh seasonal conditions, take extra precautions. Store your vehicle in a dry, climate-controlled environment to prevent moisture-related damage. Consider a battery tender to maintain the battery's charge during storage. For cold climates, use winter tires to ensure traction and handling in snowy conditions. When returning your Jaguar to regular use, have it inspected to address any issues that may have arisen during storage.

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